A professional indemnity insurance is an essential buy for any medical practitioner in Malaysia. But don’t buy your medical professional indemnity insurance before reading this blog.

How do you choose the right medical professional indemnity insurance?

Here are 4 critical pointers to look out for:

The 1st Pointer:

You never know when your past negligence will catch up with you. You never know who is about to sue you from the past. Therefore it’s critical that you choose the insurance coverage that provides you with unlimited retroactive cover. This basically means that you are covered from any negligence suits that arise from the first day you started your career.

 The 2nd pointer:

When you retire from your profession, it’s highly impractical to keep paying for your insurance policies every year just to protect yourself from the past years of practice. Therefore it’s critical that your insurer offers you run-off cover that protects you from historic liabilities post your retirement.

The 3rd pointer

In the event of a claim there may be conflicting Interest between you and the Insurers. This is a common challenge in the indemnity insurance world. It’s very critical that the lawyer representing you truly protects you. Hence, the choice of lawyer is highly critical. Choose an insurer who allows the choice.

The 4th pointer

Hence, choose an Insurer who have the capacity to pay your claims without having to consult with other insurers who may be jointly insuring you. It’s a situation that you are better off dealing with one decision maker instead of a consortium of decision makers.

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