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What makes Doctor Shield’s solution different?

  • It is the World’s First complete online platform to purchase Medical Indemnity Insurance
  • We partner with Chubb, the World’s Largest Property & Casualty Insurer.
  • Claims are fast and easy as Chubb has local capacity to pay claims and is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Clients can appoint their own Lawyer of choice with medico legal experience subject to the approval of our insurer.

What is the limit for Locum practice ?

If you are a government doctor, you are covered for locum practice if you have chosen locum cover. In the event that you are doctor from the private sector, you are covered for locum automatically. The limit of liability as a locum follows the limit of the policy coverage that you chose to buy.

What is covered in Doctor Shield’s Professional Indemnity Insurance?

  • Covers for claims arising from a Medical Negligence Incident by the insured in the provision of professional healthcare services
  • Cover for legal representation costs incurred directly in connection with formal inquiries into the conduct of professional healthcare services
  • Vicarious liability for doctors and doctors working as locum
  • Good Samaritan Acts
  • Covers for claims for unintentional defamation by the insured in the provision of professional healthcare services
  • Covers for unintentional infringement of any intellectual property
  • Loss of documents
  • Unlimited run-off coverage
  • Advancement of defence costs and legal representation expenses
  • Cyber & Privacy Infringement
  • Unlimited retroactive date
  • Covers Aggravated Damages
  • Public relations cost
  • Option to add Auto reinstatement
  • Full support for mediation
  • Expert Doctors and Medico Legal Lawyers consultation

What is the classification for GP practicing aesthetics?

You can select Cosmetic & Aesthetics as a specialization depending on low, medium or high risk.

What is the classification of a government university lecturer practicing at government hospitals?

This will be classified as “government doctor with locum exposure”

Are Doctor shield premiums tax exempted?

Yes, we believe it to be classified as a business expense. However, as we are not qualified to advise on tax matters, we encourage you to clarify with your tax consultants.

If the locum center is not listed in the ANNUAL PRACTICING CERTIFICATE, is the doctor still covered?

Yes, as long as the medical establishment is legal and licensed.

What are territorial limits?

  • This means you are covered worldwide except for USA/CANADA.
  • However, the legal cases must be heard in Malaysian courts only.

Who is the best to advise on the doctor’s classification?

The insurer is not best suited to make a decision on the classification. Medical Professionals will know the exact procedures that differentiates the general practitioners from the specialists in each fraternity. Hence, the Medical Professional will be the best to make this decision.

Is there any difference between The Doctor Shield and other schemes?

We are unable comment on other schemes.

Nevertheless, we will be able to highlight our benefits that are unique in the market. It may also help you understand why many have signed up with us.

  • The Doctor Shield has made it possible for doctors to customize the coverage they want and purchase it within 10 minutes, that includes receiving your insurance policy.
  • The policy is underwritten by Chubb who are the World’s Largest Property & Casualty Insurer. And they have local capacity within Malaysia to pay claims unlike many of the competitors who may have reinsured the risk to an overseas reinsurer. This may affect significant sized claims as it goes through two layers of loss investigation and approval.
  • You can renew policies within 2 minutes via our online platform. You will receive reminders to renew periodically 6 months prior to your policy expiry
  • The Doctor Shield encourages alternative dispute resolution methods especially mediation. We fully support quicker dispute resolution.
  • We offer unlimited retroactive date. Which means that you are covered against any unknown claims arising from day one of your career.
  • If you are a clinic owner, you can easily add clinic indemnity to your individual professional indemnity insurance within minutes via our online platform.
  • We offer unlimited run off coverage for you to be covered during your retirement years. This coverage is free of charge as long as you have been insured with us for a minimum of 5 consecutive years. In the event that you are planning for retirement less than 5 years, you may inform us and purchase the run off coverage with an additional premium.
  • Regulator’s inquiries are covered within the policies.
  • We do not pride ourselves to be the cheapest, but we are certainly the most competitive in most classifications.
  • We do have our panel of expert medico legal lawyers ready to be engaged. Nevertheless, we also allow lawyers of your choice to represent you as long as they have medico legal experience subject to the Insurer’s approval.
  • Simplified process with ever ready service consultants who can be contacted via our website or WhatsApp. Our main objective of building an online platform is to help clients make an informed decision without any misrepresentation. We have made the coverage comprehensive so as to minimise caveats and ambiguity. Nevertheless, our service consultants are always available to assist with clarifications over the phone or on whatsapp.

What are the differences between the various classifications of Cosmetic and Aesthetic specialization?

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Low risk

“Non-invasive elective topical enhancement of patient’s external appearance, including injections” or minor procedures which include the following:

  • Derma Rolling/ Skin Needling.
  • Injectables – botulinum toxin Type A (botox, dysport) and non-permanent dermal fillers.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).
  • Laser therapy (excluding laser resurfacing).
  • Microdermabrasion.
  • Peels – fruit acid facial peels and superficial depth chemical peels.

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medium Risk

Invasive procedures of items above

Cosmetic and Aesthetic High risk

  • Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery: Elective Alteration of Patient’s External Appearance
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Is your company a Singapore based company?

JA Assure started from Singapore and we are now fully operational and licensed in Malaysia as JA Assure Sdn Bhd, registered under PIAM, BANK NEGARA

Since Doctor Shield is new to medical indemnity, how experienced are your lawyers in dealing with medico legal suits?

  • Doctor Shield – New Technology Platform. New Online submission and policy issuance
  • JA Assure, has been in the insurance industry for the last 20 years
  • CHUBB is the World’s Largest Property & Casualty Insurer.
  • Almost all reputable expert medico legal lawyers in the country are part of our panel.
  • Nevertheless, we are also able to accept lawyers of your choice to represent you, as long as they have experience in the medico-legal field, subject to the approval of the insurer.

If I buy Medical Indemnity Insurance now, and might change the work practice few months later, would there be any charge?

If you change your main practice location but are still under the same classification, you would only need to inform us the address so that we can update the system. There won’t be any charges. But if you change to a different classification, you may be subject to a change in premiums.

If I need to leave Malaysia early or stop my practice before December, would there be refund for the balance months?

Refunds are possible however it would be subject to approval at point of request.

What is the criteria for specialists?

The specialists are positioned to answer this question as he/she will know the requirements for each specialisation best. However, we may follow the criteria set by the National specialist Register. For more information :

Is the policy under Takaful Insurance or Conventional?

Our policy is underwritten by CHUBB and is under Conventional.

What is loss mitigation?

Loss mitigation is an additional coverage that most insurers don’t offer. It allows you to help resolve conflicts in a quicker manner allowing all parties concerned to move on comfortably.


Are premiums monthly or yearly?

The premiums are Yearly.

How do I pay the premium?

Premiums can be paid via our website using credit or debit cards

Where do I get promo codes? And what do Promo codes offer us?

JA has partnered associations and hospitals to offer their members and staff a special discount. If your association and/or hospitals do not have a collaboration with JA yet, kindly do let us have your HR’s or Person in charge’s contact so that we can make the discounts available to you through your organization

Are there additional premiums if there are double claims in the same year?

If within limit, there will be no additional premium. However, if the limit has been exhausted there will be additional premium payable for reinstatement subject to the insurer’s approval.
In the event that you have purchased an auto reinstatement, the sum assured will be replenished automatically after the claims have exhausted the limit.Auto Reinstated coverage cannot be utilised for the existing claim


Is there a difference in premiums for government doctors of different specializations?

Within government doctors, we do not differentiate between classifications. Therefore the premiums are the same. This flat rate also applies for government doctors with locum exposure, there is no differentiation according to specialization as of the moment.

Does the policy yearly premium increase every year and by how much?

This is market and claims driven. We do not have visibility on the future of claims. Nevertheless, we strive for price competitiveness.


What if I am planning to retire from practicing next year ? What is Run Off Cover?

Unlimited Run-Off, refers to when you have stopped paying the premiums and have retired – you are still covered for the entire period you had been insured.

For retiring doctors, we offer unlimited run off cover without any additional premiums as long as they have been insured with us for a period of 5 consecutive years. In the event that doctors plan to retire in less than 5 years, the doctors can pay an additional premium to start their run offer cover accordingly.

What's the minimum limit of liability for ANNUAL PRACTICING CERTIFICATE eligibility?

The minimum limit of liability provided in our website is RM 250,000 for most classifications. Whereas, the minimum limit of liability for specialists is RM1,000,000.

We are from a Healthcare company and would like to purchase 1-day insurance for our Doctor from Overseas. Do you have this type of insurance?

Although we do not offer 1-day insurance policy, your doctor can purchase insurance for the period till the end of the year or next year as per the system. It’s best that he holds on to the policy thereafter for some time since there is a chance that claims may arise from thereon. (The doctor may also choose to take coverage for 5 years in order to take advantage of the unlimited run-off cover)
Since the doctor is from overseas, it’s important that he checks if he is eligible to practice in Malaysia.

Does your insurance coverage come with a Retroactive date? How long is it for?

Yes. Our policy comes with an Unlimited Retroactive date. You will be covered from the day you started your medical practice against any unknown claims.

Everything seems to be related to the Schedule. Can I get a copy of this Schedule please?

The sample Policy Schedule is found inside the policy wordings obtained via our website when you request for a quote.

What is the minimum and maximum duration of the policy?

  • The minimum duration is 6 months and the maximum period for the policy is 18 months.
  • The policy will always end on 31st December. Policies effected in the first half of the year (1st Jan to 30th June) will provide coverage till the end of that year only.
  • Policies effected on or after 1st July will provide coverage till the end of the following year, ending on 31st December of the following year (maximum coverage for 18 months).

Do you provide coverage for hospitals other than principal place of practice that are not mentioned in the Annual Practicing Certificate?

Yes. We do provide coverage for the doctors in any location irrespective of the address mentioned in the Annual Practicing Certificate.

Do you offer Clinic Indemnity?

Yes, we do offer Clinic Indemnity as a rider to Individual Professional Indemnity for doctors who own clinics

If I get a government Doctor with locum policy for now, later can I still upgrade to fully private practice? Or if I get a coverage of RM1 million, can I upgrade to a higher coverage later?

Yes, it is possible. The higher coverage you choose to upgrade to will be prorated.

Will the client be compensated if the doctor loses their job due to a claim?

No. The insurance will only pay for legal costs and the medical damages, not for the loss of income of the doctor.

Is there any guideline on how much coverage a client should get?

The coverage is recommended to be in tandem with the risk level of each classification and the claims paid out in recent times.

If the Doctor has 2 or 3 years before retirement, do we offer run-off coverage?

Yes, we can offer run off coverage with an additional premium charge. But if the doctor is insured with us for 5 consecutive years, the run off coverage is free of charge.

Does DoctorShield cover for regulators inquiries caused by disciplinary act?

Yes. The policy covers legal expenses to represent you during regulator’s inquiries.

Do we get covered for appeal cases?

If the insurer agrees that the appeal is necessary, they will bear the cost for it. The policy states the procedure for determining whether the contest should be escalated to appeal or to settle.

Can coverage be bought for half year coverage?

No. However, if your policy starting date is before 1st July, the policy will end 31st Dec of that year.

Does the policy cover loss of records and leak of documents?

Yes, you are covered.

Does the policy cover public relations and counselling cost?

Yes, you are covered for public relations but NOT counselling.

For locum cover, is there a restriction on number of days or hours?

Our policies don;t impose a restriction on locum hours.Government laws and regulations are still applicable.

If a doctor employed by the clinic makes an error eg. gives the wrong medication, is it covered under this scheme?

  • For doctors who makes a mistake following your instructions, your insurance will cover for them under vicarious liability. However, the doctor may be sued by the insurer to reclaim the expenses.
  • The clinic may be sued independently by the plaintiff which may not be covered by your insurance cover. Therefore, it’s recommended that the clinic has its own insurance,

The policy states that it also covers personal accident. How do I nominate a name in case of accidental death?

By default, the estate of the insured (family of the insured) will receive the payout. Nomination is not available at the moment.

If I choose neurosurgery, does it include spine surgery as well?

Neurosurgery does not include spine surgery. You will have to choose spine surgery in addition to neurosurgery.

A client stays insured with us from 2020 to 2026 and then retires. She informs us about her retirement and gets our approval on unlimited run off coverage. In year 2028, she receives notice of claim for an incident that she operated on in year 2015.

1. Do we still cover her?
ANS : Yes
2. What will be the sum assured?
ANS : As per the Insured’s latest policy immediately prior to run-off
3. What if she wasn’t covered by anyone at that year, 2015?
ANS : She would still be covered as our retroactive date is unlimited
4. Is unlimited retroactive date applicable while someone is on run off coverage with us?
ANS : Yes.

Does the personal accident coverage apply during the run off coverage period?

No. The personal accident coverage is only applicable during the insured period.

What are aggravated damages cover?

Aggravated damages are the special and highly exceptional damages awarded on a defendant by a court, when his/her conduct amounts to tortious conduct subjecting the plaintiff to emotional and malicious circumstances.

If a doctor's locum doctor gets sued, will the clinic owner(doctor) be affected?

The doctors who are working for the clinic owner will be protected under the vicarious coverage of the clinic owner’s policy. Nevertheless, the Insurer may still sue the locum doctor separately to recover their losses.

I am a practicing doctor in Malaysia and would like to know whether your company covers telemedicine. It does not state so in the policy wordings.

Yes, it is covered. The policy does not exclude telemedicine. We don’t restrict the medium thru which the doctor provides consultation. Government laws and regulations are still applicable

For tele medicine coverage, will it cover cross country telemedicine consultation?

Yes, it’s covered subject to the territorial limits worldwide except USA / CANADA and subject to the national laws on tele consultation. In the event of a claim, the case has to be heard in courts of Malaysia only.

Does the General Practitioner policy cover for antenatal follow ups?

Antenatal follow ups by GP is allowed for up to 24 weeks. Beyond 24 weeks, it must be done by GP with obstetrics. Additionally, GP with obstetrics can only care and manage. Deliveries & surgeries must be done by specialists only.


Do you issue a policy that ends before 31st December?

If you purchase a policy any time before 1st July, the policy is designed to end on 31st December of the same year and your premiums will be pro-rated. All policies purchased after 1st July, will end on 31st December the following year. This is the new industry arrangement following the regulation on mandatory insurance for doctors that all policies must end on 31st December. This is in alignment with the Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

What Limits of Liability Are Available under this policy?

It varies with the specialty. Premium charges are based upon the relative risk associated with practice in a specialty. You can check our website . Input your specialization and choose an appropriate coverage. Thereafter, request for a quote and policy wordings – where you can find the Limits of Liability.

Is Doctor Shield an occurrence or claims made policy?

Our policies are claims-made

What are the differences between occurrence and claims-made policy.

Doctor Shield offers Claims-made basis – A policy providing coverage that is triggered when a claim is made against the insured during the policy period, regardless of when the wrongful/ negligent act occurred that gave rise to claim.

  • Although the policy is claims-made basis, we offer an unlimited retroactive date. In other words, as long as you are holding on to our policy, we cover you for all the unknown matters arising from the date you started practicing.
  • We also offer an unlimited run off which means you are covered for life even after you cease your operations or after your retirement.
  • In today’s market, most insurers and clients have moved to providing Claims-made basis.

Why is Doctor Shield’s maximum limit capped at RM 10,000,000?

  • Doctor Shield currently caps the maximum policy at RM10m as the maximum record claims payout is RM7m to date.
  • Nevertheless, you may opt to buy an auto reinstatement with 10% more premiums. That will automatically replenish your limits to another RM10m in the event that the first RM10m is exhausted.Auto Reinstated coverage cannot be utilised for the existing claim

Is there a charge for withdrawal before inception Or during insure period?

There is no charge for cancellation if done before the inception date. However charges are applicable for cancellations after the policy inception date.

How to view your policy before confirming?

You can request for a quote online our platform and you will receive the quote and policy wordings immediately. You may go through the policy wordings before you choose to purchase.

May I know what is covered for clinic insurance policy?

In the event of a legal suit, the clinic is treated as separate legal identity and therefore needs to have its own Medical Malpractice Insurance. This is an addition to the doctor’s Medical Malpractice Insurance.
The clinic insurance has all the same benefits as the doctor to cover legal expenses and to respond to claims.

Do you have a policy that works by ‘per day working’ basis? As I've retired but occasionally work a couple of days to see a few patients. Buying full time coverage is too expensive for just few days of work.

As of the moment, we do not have such a provision but we are working on such a classification.
In the meantime, we might suggest for you to choose the coverage with the lowest sum assured.


Do I have to renew the policy before 31st December?

Yes. An online renewal link will be sent to you 6 months prior the policy end date which would allow you to renew your policy within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can also choose the “Renew” option from our website to start processing your renewal within minutes.
To get an Annual Practicing Certificate you must renew your policy and submit the details of the policy to the regulator.

When should I start policy renewal Process ?

You can start renewal process six months prior to the end date of the policy.


What is your Claims Philosophy?

  • Medical Malpractice is likely to have caused pain and loss to patients that cannot be always exacted with financial compensation. At the same time, it is our belief that no doctor would have intentionally caused pain to any of his/her patients.
  • During the litigation process, the emphasis is on one party being favoured over the other in the eyes of the law. This is why we strongly recommend professional mediation as the first course of action so as to achieve a suitable outcome that is positive for all parties. We are confident that we have a well-qualified and experienced panel of expert lawyers who can achieve successful outcomes through mediation and also fight for your interests fiercely should litigation be necessary.

What is your claims approach?

  • We recommend that you allow us to choose the expert lawyer to represent your interests through the claims process. We have confidence in our panel of handpicked lawyers to help you through a successful meditation process and arrive at a positive outcome.
  • The objective is to help clients and their respective patients to move on with their lives without having to go through any more pain than necessary. In order to achieve effective dispute resolution, professional mediation is the best course of action and we fully support this effort.
  • However, if mediation is unsuccessful, our panel of expert lawyers will be able to move the case into litigation confidently.

How to file a Claim or notify of a claim?

  • Timely claims reporting is a requirement of the insurer. In a bid to reduce any time lapse between claims notification and lawyer engagement, we have created an online link for you to submit the details so that the insurers and the lawyers get real time updates.

  • Once the online form is submitted, our team will be notified and we will immediately activate one of our trusted lawyers to contact you and provide you with the appropriate advice on the next course of action.
  • As we have access to a wide range of medico-legal expert lawyers across the country on our panel, our preference is to activate the nearest to you. However, if you have a preferred lawyer, we can arrange for a quick approval with the insurer if he/she is not already on our panel.

If there is a claim due to a research product, who will cover the loss?

We insure doctors for medical malpractice. If the product is under clinical trial, then it is covered under the insurance policy of the product manufacturer who would have insured separately under clinical trial insurance / product liability insurance.

What happens if a claim is more than the limit of liability chosen on the policy?

When the claims limit is reached the policy terminates.Therefore it is recommended to choose an appropriate coverage according to your specialization and limit in tandem to the current trends. Nevertheless, if you have chosen the option of auto reinstatement, the policy limit is replenished however the auto reinstated coverage cannot be utilised for the existing claim and can only be used on a subsequent claim.

What situations require us to immediately notify the insurer?

    As an insured professional, it is your obligation to notify the insurance provider immediately under any of these situations:

  • Claim made against you
  • Any and all circumstances that may lead to a possible claim being made against you
  • Any and all medical incidents that could potentially lead to a claim
  • Any inquiries that imply a claim is being considered against you

Can we consult medical experts upfront in the event of a claim?

Yes, if it is necessary to consult medical experts to clarify your situation, we will arrange a call for you to discuss further. If you wish to consult on the situation with a specific medical expert, please let us know so that we can have this arranged formally.


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