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What is covered in Professional Indemnity Insurance?

  • Covers for claims arising from a Medical Incident by the insured in the provision of professional healthcare services
  • Cover for legal representation costs incurred directly in connection with formal inquiries into the conduct of professional healthcare services
  • Vicarious liability for doctors , doctors working as locums
  • Good Samaritan Acts
  • Covers for claims for unintentional defamation by the insured in the provision of professional healthcare services
  • Covers for unintentional infringement of any intellectual property
  • Loss of documents
  • Automatic run-off coverage
  • Advancement of defence costs and legal representation expenses

Is your insurance based on occurrence basis or claims-made basis?

Claims-made basis- A policy providing coverage that is triggered when a claim is made against the insured during the policy period, regardless of when the wrongful/ negligent act occurred that gave rise to claim.

Although the policy is claims-made basis, we offer unlimited retroactive date. In other words, as long as you are holding on to our policy, we cover you for all the matters arising from the date you started practising.

In today’s market, most insurers and clients have moved to providing Claims-made basis as its more cost effective.

What makes Doctor shield solution different?

  • World’s First online complete platform to purchase medical professional indemnity policy
  • We partner with Chubb , the World’s Top Property & Casualty insurance company
  • Claims are fast and easy as Chubb has local capacity to pay claims and is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Clients can appoint their own Lawyer of choice as long as they inform CHUBB

What is the limit for Locum practice?

If you are a government doctor, you are covered for Locum practice only if you have chosen Locum cover. In the event that you are doctor from the private sector, you are covered for locum automatically. The limit of liability as a Locum follows the limit of the policy coverage that you chose to buy.


How do I pay the premium?

You may pay premiums via our website using credit or debit cards. You can get a quote now by clicking here. 

Is your premium monthly or yearly?

We accept yearly premiums only.

Where do I get promo codes? And what does Promo codes offer us?

JA has partnered associations and hospitals to offer their members and staff a special discount of 5%. If your association and/or hospitals do not have a collaboration with JA yet, kindly do let us have your HR’s or Person in charge’s contact so that we can make the discounts to you available through your organization.


Can I get a copy of policy Schedule?

Policy schedule will be issued once you purchase Insurance online.

Can I buy a one year policy starting April to April?

If you purchase in April, the policy is designed to end in December 31st of the same year and your premiums will be pro-rated. This is the new industry arrangement following the regulation on mandatory insurance for doctors that all policies have to end on Dec 31st. This is in alignment with Annual Practicing certificate (APC).

What's the minimum limit of liability for APC eligibility?

Minimum liability is RM 250,000


What if I am planning to retire from practicing next year ? What is Run Off Cover?

For retiring doctors, we offer a package to extend coverage for 6 years even after they retire so that they don’t need to keep paying the annual premiums. For specialists requiring a longer tail cover, you are welcome to approach us for further customization.

Do you provide 1 day insurance cover for Doctor from Overseas?

Although we don’t offer 1 day insurance policy, your doctor is allowed to buy insurance for the period till the end of the year or next year as per the system. It’s best that he holds on to the policy thereafter for some time since there is a chance that claims may arise from thereon.

Since the doctor is from overseas, it’s important that he checks if he is eligible to practice in Malaysia.The Insurance will only cover healthcare professionals who are licensed to practice.

Does your insurance coverage come with a Retroactive date? How long?

Yes. Our policy comes with Unlimited Retroactive date. You will be covered from the day you started your medical practice.

What is the minimum and maximum duration of the policy?

The minimum duration is 6 months and the maximum period for policy is 18 months. The policy will always end on 31 December. Policy purchased in first half of the year (1st Jan to 30th June) will provide coverage for that year only. Policy purchased on or after 1st July will cover next year also, ending on 31stDecember of next year (coverage for 18 months)

Do you provide coverage for hospitals other than principal place of practice that are not mentioned in APC?

Yes, we do provide coverage for the doctors in any location irrespective of the address mentioned in your APC.

How do I get coverage for two different specialities under one policy?

You can choose your major specialty as 100 %. Premiums are based on specialty that is in majority. However, you can drop us a separate mail mentioning your minor specialty practice so that we will document it in our records.


What is the process for renewal?

You can start renewal process two months prior to the expiry of the policy.

Do I have to renew the policy after 31st December?

Yes. To get an APC you have to renew it before the policy ending date.

When should I start policy renewal Process for PI.

You can start renewal process two months prior to the expiry of the policy.


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